LED Power Supply 
Magnetic Elements 
High Frequency Transformer
Low Frequency Transformer
Purifier & Anion Generator 
Anion & Ozone Generator
SPA, Pool Ozone
Air Purifier
Water Purifier
Cooling Fan 
Remote Control 
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Having 18 Years of Experience
ANHUI GENUIER ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is based in China and is specializing in the manufacture, export and project construction, with 18 years of experience. We got our investment from SHENGFU INDUSTRIAL (HK) CO.,LTD in Hong Kong and we have two factories built in Anhui Province in China.
OEM Service Is Welcome
Our east factory is manned by over 500 workers and here we manufacture magnetic elements products and power supply  with brand GENUIER, and OEM service are also accepted.

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